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The Galpharm Stadium - Home of Huddersfield Town!

The Galpharm Stadium was opened in 1995, and has picked up many awards for its great architecture. It is quite unique to other Football League grounds in England. The Galpharm was opened named The Alfred McAlpine Stadium, but the boy band Blue changed the name for the stadium. The ‘Pharm as its known to Town fans has picked up many award during recent years, including an award in 1997 for THIRD best football stadium in England. The Galpharm’s biggest attendance was against Liverpool in 1999 with over 23,000 attending the live match on TV. There are a few places you can drink when you visit the ‘Pharm, including the Ropewalk which is right next to the ground behind the Panasonic Stand (Bit expensive though). there are other pubs and clubs to visit, The Peacock which has a McDonalds over the road, and this is on Leeds road. There is also the Gas Club, normally where most of the lively drinkers go, this is next to the Gas Works.

Other than watching football, there is plenty of other stuff people can do at the Galpharm. If you fancy a swim, then you can, as there is a leisure complex in the Panasonic end of the ground, this also has a gym. Also at that end of the ground is a Cinema, called the UCI Cinema. In the Lawrence Batley stand there is an hotel for people just wanting a room for the night, this can be used for either leisure or business stay. The stadium superstore is also in the Lawrence Batley end of the ground, but there is also one further into Huddersfield Town Centre called Sporting Pride, for Football and Rugby League, (Huddersfield giants).

Lawrence Batley Stand

Lawrence Batley with a view of the players Vs Oldham last year.

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